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Craig David Singer’s compassionate, haunting new novel “More than Bones” starts out by exploring strong, unique characters and a mysterious premise that takes you in surprising directions. … The mysteries and complexities of life flow through these pages like wind, animating and filling whatever they find. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Haunting, Witty, Wonderful Characters … Continue reading Brian K. Friesen, Author of At the Waterline

Brian K. Friesen, Author of At the Waterline

The characters are quirky and lovable, and the scenes are hilarious and touching, sometimes at the same time. … While the story is totally entertaining, Singer also addresses a lot of important themes—coming to terms with homosexuality, finding one’s own unique brand of spirituality, coming of age, and so much more. A delightful hidden gem. … Continue reading Heather Frimmer, Author of Bedside Manners: A Novel

Heather Frimmer, Author of Bedside Manners: A Novel

It’s perfectly paced and perfectly written. It is truly an unforgettable story that will surprise you and leave you craving for more from this author. —Diana Laura, Bookish Sisters (link to the full review)

Diana Laura, Bookish Sisters

“The characters in More Than Bones are hilarious, quirky, humorous, hateful, vibrant and I loved them all – even Norton’s mother! Singer does an amazing job creating people that I feel like I have known my entire life.” – Mackey, Goodreads

Mackey, Goodreads

Your past is somewhat always entangled with your future. Live for now but know actions have consequences. I loved this story and the characters. -Stephanie R., NetGalley

Stephanie R., NetGalley

Featuring more plot twists and turns than a Coney Island roller coaster, “More Than Bones” is an inherently riveting read that showcases author Craig David Singer’s genuine flair as a novelist for originality and narrative driven storytelling. An expertly crafted and non-stop entertaining novel from cover to cover, “More Than Bones” is an especially and … Continue reading Midwest Book Review

Midwest Book Review

This is perfect for those needing an uplifting read (with a caveat that there are some heavy parts of the book in the middle), and it’s a particularly good holiday read (ending as it does with a lovely Christmas). -Jennifer Brown, USA Today Bestselling Author of Modern Girls

Jennifer Brown, USA Today Bestselling Author of Modern Girls

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