Genre + Q&A


More Than Bones is a novel with a dash of suspense and a bit of whimsy (an early plot point involves a mysterious cat named Helga). It can also be considered literary fiction, contemporary fiction, or general fiction. It has features of medical fiction and LGBTQ fiction too.

Q & A with Craig David Singer

Craig, what inspired you to write More Than Bones?
Early in my medical career, I knew I had to get “used to” witnessing, and often being involved in, the difficulties and tragedies of other people’s lives. Along the way, I also experienced some personal difficulties of my own. The negative emotions weighed on me, but I’m a resilient person. One of the ways I tried to create more positive energy in my life was to write a novel about a young doctor facing similar circumstances: working through personal problems while still helping patients face their challenges. Fortunately, the novel quickly took some highly fictional turns (hopefully for the better).

What authors do you draw inspiration from? 
For me, there isn’t one particular author I think about this way. I do often enjoy unconventional narrative styles and tales that engage my brain as well as my heart. Kurt Vonnegut and Donna Tartt come to mind, just to name a couple.

What book character would you imagine being friends with?
I don’t think about fictional characters this way. Is that weird for an author to say? Probably it is. Getting back to real but dead people, I have a feeling I would get along great with Carrie Fisher. I saw her in Baltimore a few years ago, performing her one-woman show “Wishful Drinking.” Anybody with her combination of hilarious sarcasm and genuine compassion has to be an awesome human being. I highly recommend her books – also not fiction, but so entertaining. Thank God we had Carrie on this earth. Just not long enough.